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Had his first contact with piercing in Brazil in 1998, worked in Japan in the early 2000s, in 2005 returned to Brazil opening his studio in São Paulo, as a piercer traveled through Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Panama)returned to Japan in 2019 and now works at Blue Street Ink in Yokosuka, Kanagawa.




Luciano Iritsu was born in October 1978, had his first contact with piercing in 1998, when Gabriel Estevão (Spectrum), the first piercing manufacturer in Brazil or took him to Zuba's studio to have his first piercing. Soon after, he met Andre Fernandes, one of the great motivators he taught as professional piercer.


Profissional Body Art

Traveling through Japan and England and returning to Brazil in 2001 gave his professional career as a Body Art professional: Course with Andre Fernandes to improve his knowledge, test of the first Metalhead Convention with Shimizu and also of the 4th International Leds Tattoo Convention.

2002 JAPAN

JP Conventions

In 2002, he returned to Japan, where he participated in some conventions in the cities of Kyoto, Toyohashi and Nagano, and met Lucas Zpira, Horiyoshi, among other important people in the field.


Iritsu Tattoo Shop

Returning to Brazil in 2005, he opened the doors of his studio in São Paulo, "IRITSU TATTOO SHOP", located at Pinheiros São Paulo. In the same year, we participated in the Leds Tattoo Convention.



Organized the first scarification event in Latin America called CONSCAR, which took place on 21 and 22 October 2006 at the Iritsu Tattoo Shop, with the participation of professionals from all over the world, such as Kor(Netherlands), Emilio Gonzáles(Venezuela), Andre Fernandes(São Paulo), Valnei(Recife), Rômulo Cruz(Salvador), Thiago Almeida (Gordim)(Sumaré), Rata(Argentina), Carnero(Peru) and with the help and participation of Danilo Skatuaba, among others.



2nd Edition of CONSCAR - following the same line as the 1st edition, the event again brings together national and international artists, renowned and experts in scarification and also attracted the attention of researchers who are interested in the theme.


Conscar and Frrrkcon

Accepting innovation or CONSCAR was recognized by some media focused on body art, such as the Frrrkguys website, which after the 2nd consultant or the T. Angel website was invited by Iritsu in a working group and a new project following the same line than Conscar, but covering more elements of the modified world. "FRRRKCON 000.1" was born on October 17, 2008, between FrrrkguysParty and Conscar, a complete event with lectures and discussions with professionals in the field, photo exhibitions, reputable tattoo artists screens, suspension presentations and freak shows and also a lot of music (bands and DJs).


Frrrkcon and Conscar

FRRRKCON 000.2, held on 10/17/2009, in the first part of the Iritsu Tattoo Shop studio welcomes the speakers to discuss the care and the beginning of changes in Brazil: Javier Fingazz(Chile), Matias Tafel - Rata(Argentina) and Andre Fernandes (Brazil). Still in the first part of the event, there are three presentations by Bruno Sipavicius, T. Angel and Muse From Hell. The second part of the event took place at the Inferno Club, in São Paulo, where they could enjoy more performances and body suspension. In the same year, the 3rd and last edition of CONSCAR took place.


Virada Cultural

In 2010, a Municipal Secretary of Culture in São Paulo invited Luciano Iritsu to organize the first Virada Cultural body art space, which was a success and a major milestone in the history of Brazilian body art. The first presentation of the Body Art stage was held at the Prestes Maia Gallery, with 24 hours of body suspension with bands and DJs, and at Praça do Patriarca, there was also a closed glass stand with people being tattooed, with 12 tattoo artists in total 24 hours.


Virada Cultural and Traço Livre Gallery

This year, the location of the stage could not be different, in front of the São Paulo underground stronghold's Rock Gallery, with 24 hours of performance with body suspension, bands and DJs. There was an exhibition of canvases with renowned tattoo artists who, after 24 hours, would stay for 2 months at the Iritsu Tattoo Shop, born as TRAÇO LIVRE Gallery.


Traço Livre Gallery and Virada Cultural

The Traço Livre took the artist graffiti Crânio into the art gallery. The stage migrated to the other side of the Rock Gallery, crosses where thousands of people pass, reaching an estimated 8 thousand people in some performances. Beginning of the 3º Cielo performance group, dance, sound textures and body suspension with T.Angel and Jorge Peña.


Closing Cycles

The closing of the IRITSU TATTOO SHOP studio definitely changed Luciano's life, dedicating himself more to private projects like 3º Cielo, presenting a lecture on body suspension and performance at SESC São José dos Campos in São Paulo. At the end of the year, he participated with the 3º Cielo at Universo Parallelo, a music and art festival that takes place in Bahia.

2014 CHILE


In the Universo Parallelo he met Javier Fingazz(Piercer) who he invited to meet and spend time in Chile, participated in a suspension at the Pichilemu convention on the coast of Chile, worked in Santiago de Chile in Amor Real now Shangrila and also at Atacama at Extigma Studio with Maurício Banana Torres. In the same year, he participated in the 4th LBP (LatinoAmerica Body Piercing) in Mexico, where the main piercers in Latin America meet.



Participated in the 5th LBP in Mexico. In the same year, he was invited to participate in the Panama conference, with workshop and suspension performance, traveling together with friends Thiago Almeida(Gordim) and Rogério Carnaval (CarneLevare) representing Converse.


Piercing and Body Suspension

Performance with body suspension in the Universo Paralello with Freak Garcia and Pedrim Moicano. Invited by Rica Amaral(DJ conceived in the Brazilian electronic music scene) to participate together with Andre Meyer(first Piercer in Brazil) to join the project called WAW in São Paulo, a studio with tattoo, piercing and a space with vegan foods.


Body Suspension and Exhibition

Luciano was invited by Marcos Abranches to be part of the performance that involves dance and body suspension with people with cerebral paralyze. A performance called “O Grito” inspired the work of Edvard Munch. Organized with Satine Lima in the exhibition “Arte, Corpo e Amor” about body art in Brazil, there were suspension equipment and a bench mounted for piercing, an exhibition if installed from December 2017 to January 2018.


Exhibition and Piercing

Participate in the Tattoo Week in São Paulo of the Expo “Corpos Perfurados” A history of piercings in Brazil, with its material and history that the last years. The last studio that Luciano worked was Studio Lotus Tattoo, in Campinas-SP, invited by Debora Soares and Raffa Morelli.

2019 JAPAN

New return

After 13 years in Brazil, Luciano choice to return to Japan, where he was piercer in Santuario Art Parlour with Diego Franco, and now worked every day in the Kanagawa region, in the city of Yokosuka, on Blue Street Ink, together with Hugo Yoshida, Yumi, Pako and Kaw. Organized the 1st Yokosuka Art Exhibition together with Pedro Molina from Black Rose Tattoo.



"O Luciano é e sempre será a pessoa mais importante na minha carreira como Body Piercer, por duas razões simples. A primeira é que ele foi e continua sendo meu mestre, meu mentor de profissão, me ajudando e sempre me dando suporte, mesmo com essa distância geográfica entre nós. Mas o segundo motivo, e talvez o mais importante, é que a energia boa do Lu é o que me mantém no piercing. A energia dele me contagia, me dá vida, me motiva. O destino foi perfeito por ter cruzado nossos caminhos, na hora certa! E a mim resta agradecer, ao universo, ao destino, ao Lu ❤"

Laís Matos Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil

Testimonial 2


"Luciano has pierced my nipples and my septum. I couldn’t be happier with the service. He is very professional and caring, which is important while getting a piercing. I plan to get my tragus pierced in the future and will not go anywhere else! Thank you Luciano!!! You rock!"

Brittany Michelle American living in Japan

Testimonial 3


"Me hice mis conch piercing con Luciano en Amor Real Santiago de Chile en el 2013 aproximadamente, y siguen estando perfectos 💕, durante el procedimiento el fue muy amable y claro, me dió mucha seguridad y calma, así que no recuerdo nada de dolor, solo que quedaron preciosos y que sanaron maravillosamente. Luciano es muy profesional y mantiene al cliente tranquilo e informado, además busca que te encuentres en una posición cómoda y un ambiente tranquilo, realmente lo recomiendo. Quedé muy feliz 😀 Muchas Gracias!"

Valentina Torres Chile